Strength and Ageing

After the age of 40 your peak potential strength diminishes incrementally. This means that you feel less strong! As you get older your body gradually loses the number of muscle fibers per muscle. Degenerative changes in your nervous and muscular systems contribute to an overall lessening in your functional strength.

Strength and Inactivity

Inactivity can reduce your muscle strength at a rate of 1-1.5% per day. Therefore, during a period of passiveness, you can quickly lose your functional strength.

If you are already deconditioned and experience an acute illness such as pneumonia, then the consequence of your further reduction in activity can be disastrous. Your further loss of strength could be the difference between being independent in your home or requiring constant assistance and/or supervision.

Strength Training

You can improve your muscle strength at any age, with or without injury or illness, even though your peak potential will vary considerably depending on your age and health condition. We can help you to exercise to regain your strength and keep you independent well into your nineties.

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