Injury & Post-Surgery Rehab

Rehabilitation is a process that includes exercise to facilitate recovery from injury, illness, or disease. At Spring Physio Gym, your rehabilitation programme will be tailored to your specific needs and will involve:

  • Discussing and outlining the various factors facing you in your recovery.
  • Developing an individual exercise programme to reflect those factors to aid recovery.
  • Continual re-assessment and modification of the programme to ensure you have optimal return to a full and healthy life.

At Spring Physio Gym we offer rehabilitation for clients with diverse conditions. These may include:

  • Joint surgery (joint replacement, knee reconstruction, shoulder tissue repair, examination of joints).
  • Neck and back injury (slipped disc, after surgery, chronic pain)
  • Accident  (fractures, multiple trauma)
  • Growth and activity related injury (knee cap and thigh pain syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease)
  • Sporting injuries or work related injuries (stress fractures, overuse syndrome, sprains, strains or muscle tears)

We work closely with surgeons, GPs, podiatrists, and occupational therapists to ensure that each individual is maximising their rehabilitation.

Following an incident resulting in injury or surgery the human body is capable of repairing itself. However, to achieve best results, ideal conditions are required to return to pre-injury state or better.

Without proper rehabilitation your body will not maximise healing and a decrease in physical performance is likely to occur. With our guidance you can optimise your recovery from injury and return to a healthy life.

We look at every aspect of your body movement in order to facilitate you working as efficiently as possible.

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