Fitness and Ageing

Your fitness reflects your cardiovascular health and efficiency. In other words how well your heart and lungs transport oxygen to your muscles during varying degrees of physical stress.  When your body moves quicker the demands on your cardiovascular system increase (e.g. pedaling a bike faster). When your body moves against more resistance the demands also increase (e.g. pedaling a bike up a hill).

As you age, your peak potential for fitness decreases due to degenerative changes in your blood vessels, heart muscle and lungs. Despite this there is still room to make improvements with regular training regardless of age.

Fitness and Inactivity

Without regular episodes of strenuous cardiovascular exercise you will lose fitness at any age.  You may not notice it at first because in your younger years your potential range is much greater.  You also tend to do a lot more incidental exercise when you are younger without having to purposely go out to exercise, like running after children, strenuous walks or adventurous holidays.

If you exercise regularly you may have noticed how quickly you lose fitness if for some reason you can’t exercise for a period of time. This can happen because of work or family time commitments or an injury preventing exercise. It can seem really hard to get back to fitness.

Fitness Training

The secret to feeling fit and avoid injuries whilst trying to get fit is to have good advice on the type of exercise and amount of exercise for you. You should build your program slowly and safely and be consistent during the build and the maintenance.

Developing habits around exercise, enjoying your exercise choices and being aware of how good it feels to not feel tired or sluggish are all great motivators that can help maintain your fitness.

Our healthy life plan describes how Spring Physio Gym can guide you to better health. We must all take responsibility for our health. However it is important to get professional guidance to direct your exercise routine and gain a healthy and extended life.

Healthy Life Plan

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